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Hi, my name is Mateusz Knop and I’m a photographer from Poland.

Generally speaking everything started out of simple curiosity. There was an old DSLR somewhere in the basement. One day I thought that it’d be a good idea to bring the camera to a skatepark. We can easily shoot some tricks and upload them to the Internet just for no reason.

After a few months of practice my photos improved. I was trying to develop my skills in photography, and then people got to like my photos. At that time I thought “Hey dude, people admire your photos, you should keep shooting and don’t give up!”.

In June I got an unbelievable chance. I was sitting in the classroom when the biggest BMX company in Poland called me. They’ve just asked “Hey mate, we’re looking for a skilled photographer for our BMXCamp. Do you want to join us in the summer?”. I was probably the happiest person in the world.

After a week my world has collapsed.
About me
I lost vision in one of my eyes.

After a week in hospital I came back home. I wasn’t really talking to people. My depression was killing me. Imagine a 16-years-old boy, who lost desire to live. Then, I thought to myself. “hey dude, you’re going to work in a couple of days. You MUST carry on.” And you know what? I went to work.

The BMXCamp was the best experience in my life. I met so many amazing people – kids, riders etc. During the working day my job involved taking photos of kids when they were having fun on the Camp. During the night we were working on something different. I remember a nightlong session with friends from the BMX Camp. The one on the roof with Michal and Zbyszek, flour session with Benny L and Mycek. The one with Piro. #goodtimes

The whole month was something like a return to life.

While working I met probably the best cinematographer in Poland – Mateusz Usz Kanownik. I think he taught me everything I know today about passion. So if you read this Usz – thanks mate.

I gained a lot of experience on the BMXCamp. When I got back home I started shooting photos with my local friends. They started looking at photography in a different way. Also, they trust me in every single session. Flour sessions? Sure! Water Buckets? Why not! Fire on my hands? Let’s do this!

Apart from experience I got a little bit of fame in the BMX world. I started shooting on big festivals like BALTIC GAMES, where I met even more incredible people. I really started to live. #createyourownstory

This spring, I mean 2015, I discovered TRIPS. I really love that feeling of freedom and the taste of the cheapest bread. I learned one important thing. In extreme sports it doesn’t matter who you are. The world is a small place, so be NICE. Then other people will be nice for you. #staytrippin

Some kind of disability gave me something different. I discovered how important people are in our lives. Imagine that every single person has their own story. And as a photographer I am obligated to share their stories with others.


I believe in one thing – IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN DO IT. #dreamtheimpossible

Mateusz Knop, UszatyPHOTO